Lessons in this Chapter:

16.1 Weather and Water in the Atmosphere

16.2 Changing Weather

16.3 Storms

16.4 Weather Forecasting


The activity for this chapter is to record weather observations every day. You can use the activities in the T&K Climate and Weather Kit or the Weather Station Kit shown below, or make the Rain Gauge and Anemometer from the resources in the Hands-On Activities tab below and add a simple thermometer to gather data. You can also pull information from the web for your area. The Track Weather Like a Meteorologist activity will give you some ideas and has a table you can use. You can also have your child make a table to track only the information you will be gathering. Then record the weather data each day at the same time. At the end of this chapter (or longer, if you wish), have your child graph some of the data.

If you would rather purchase some weather tracking equipment, try this weather station:

Additional/Alternative Books


Plethora Activity Sheets

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Other Worksheets and Handouts

3d Geography has several worksheets and downloadable activities about weather.

16.1 Weather and Water in the Atmosphere

Types of Clouds

16.2 Changing Weather

Types of Weather Fronts – information sheet

16.3 Storms

Explore Tornadoes!

Tornado Fill-in-the-Blank

Learn About Hurricanes

Explore Hurricanes!

16.4 Weather Forecasting

Track a Hurricane

Thames and Kosmos Climate and Weather Kit

16.1 Weather and Water in the Atmosphere

Experiment 6 – Make Your Own Clouds (be sure to review the Water Cycle on the page before the experiment)

Experiment 7 – How do Raindrops Form?

Experiment 8 – Build a Rain Gauge

Experiment 9 – Tracking Rainfall

Experiment 11 – Build a Simple Barometer

Experiment 12 – Tracking the Temperature

Experiment 15 – Build a Simple Wind Vane

Experiment 16 – Build a Simple Anemometer

16.2 Changing Weather

16.3 Storms

16.4 Weather Forecasting


DIY Meteorologist Skill

Many of the activities that your child will be doing in this chapter would count towards the Meteorologist badge.

Literature Connections



There are several good PBS NOVA episodes about storms. Many of these show scenes of terrible destruction and loss, so please preview if your child is sensitive.

Killer Typhoon – About Typhoon Haiyan which hit the Philippines in 2013.

Hunt for the Supertwister – Tornado-chasing scientists study the twister that hit Oklahoma City in 1999.

Inside the Megastorm – What made Hurricane Sandy such a devastating storm?

Storm That Drowned a City – A look at the science behind Hurricane Katrina and what went wrong.

Oklahoma’s Deadliest Tornadoes  – A look at the EF5 tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma in 2013.

Deadliest Tornadoes – What made the 2011 tornado season so deadly?

Megastorm Aftermath – A follow-up to Inside the Megastorm.


If your child is very interested in weather forecasting, here’s a NatGeo show on weather prediction.