Lessons in this Chapter:

8.1  Volcanic Activity

8.2  Volcanic Eruptions

8.3  Types of Volcanoes

8.4  Igneous Landforms and Geothermal Activity


Volcanoes are an exciting thing to learn about. There are some excellent documentaries to watch with your child. The suggested activity is to make a vinegar and baking soda volcano. You can do this simply in a plastic container, or go big and make a paper mache model. If you really don’t want all that mess, try the Paper Model of Mt. Fuji under the Arts and Crafts tab.

If you have purchased the Thames & Kosmos Volcanoes and Earthquakes kit, the experiments are shown below.

A note about making a volcano: if you did this activity with your kids when they were younger, it’s fine to skip it this time. For most kids (especially at this age), it’s only exciting once and it takes a lot of work for that one moment. So, if you’re up for the work and you think your child will enjoy it, go for it. If not, try the paper model.

Additional/Alternative Books


Plethora Activity Sheets

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Other Worksheets and Handouts

All About Volcanoes

3D Geography has several worksheets on volcanoes, including word searches. If you want printer-friendly B&W versions, scroll down to the bottom of the page and there is a link.

Hands-On Activities

directions Volcanic Eruption

Volcano in a Beaker

The Mountain Blows Its Top

Baking Soda and Vinegar Volcano

Paper Mache Volcano

If you’d like to build a volcano, but don’t want to start from scratch, you could use one of these kits (click on picture for Amazon Link):

Thames & Kosmos Earthquakes and Volcanoes Science Kit

8.1  Volcanic Activity

Experiment 5: Volcanoes Worldwide

Experiment 6: The Most Famous Volcanoes

8.2  Volcanic Eruptions

Experiment 1: Your Volcano Takes Shape

Experiment 2: Your Volcano Erupts

8.3  Types of Volcanoes

Experiment 3: Your Volcano Grows

8.4  Igneous Landforms and Geothermal Activity

Literature Connections

Documentaries and Movies

These two PBS NOVA episodes do show scenes of destruction. Please preview if you have a sensitive child.


Deadliest Volcanoes