Lessons in this Chapter:

25.1 Introduction to the Solar System

25.2 Inner Planets

25.3 Outer Planets

25.4 Other Objects in the Solar System


The suggested activity for this chapter is building a model of the solar system.  There are many ways you can do this.  There are kits you can buy like this one:


Or you can use one of the sites listed under Hands-On Activities to make your own.  Browse through them to decide which one you want to make.  There is also an activity to map out a scale model of the universe along your street, or even on a roll of toilet paper! If you want something quick and easy, try the paper model under the Arts and Crafts Tab.


Hands-On Activities

directionsSolar System Model – a mobile made of construction paper

directionsReal Solar System – a model made of styrofoam balls and wooden dowels

directionsDIY Solar System Poster – made on presentation board with styrofoam balls.

Scale Model of the Solar System


There are several programs from PBS NOVA that would be interesting with this chapter:

The Pluto Files

Asteroid: Doomsday or Payday?

Chasing Pluto

Is There Life on Mars?

Meteor Strike

Ultimate Mars Challenge

Can We Make it to Mars?