The Sketch Book Project

The Sketch Book Project is not strictly an “education” site, but if you have a really creative child, or want to encourage your child’s creativity, they have some great projects.  Their main project, the Sketch Book Project, is a crowd-sourced art exhibit.  You buy a sketchbook and fill it with sketches.  Then you send it back and it becomes part of the exhibit at the Brooklyn Art Library, an online exhibit or a travelling exhibit, depending on your choice.  They also have other projects they run.  Right now, they are doing a fiction project where you fill a book with a story, illustrations, whatever and send it back.  They have done photography projects in the past as well.  I highly recommend you get on their mailing list and get updated on their latest projects.  Great for any age.  Prices range between $25 and $60.

The Sketchbook Project