The Idea of America

The Idea of America is an online, multimedia and interactive American History curriculum brought to you by Colonial Williamsburg.  I’ll give you a few moments to let all the awesomeness of that last sentence sink in…   OK.  This high school curriculum consists of 65 case studies, spanning pre-Colonial America to the present day.  The case studies are all framed through the debate of four sets of seemingly contradictory values that shaped our country:  unity and diversity, freedom and equality, private wealth and common wealth, and law and ethics.  There is an online component, which can be used for free, called Virtual Republic, and and online discussion community.  The curriculum is only available to school systems, but the Colonial Williamsburg online store offers a “Citizens Edition” which looks to have all the same goodies (videos, historical footage, primary sources, timelines, games and more).  You can purchase one year’s access to each case study individually for $5, 8-15 at a time for $4 each, 16-31 for $3 each, 32+ for $2 each or the whole shootin’ match for $99.  The page is currently showing that if you subscribe now, you will get two years’ access.  The curriculum is written for high school.

Idea of America, US History curriculum for High School