Lessons in this chapter:

4.1  Types of Rocks

4.2  Igneous Rocks

4.3  Sedimentary Rocks

4.4  Metamorphic Rocks


The Rock Cycle is the main topic of this chapter.  Your child will learn about the different types of rocks and how they are formed.

The suggested activity is either of the Rock Cycle simulations (one includes chocolate!).


Plethora Activity Sheets

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Hands-On Activities

directions Crayon Rock Cycle Experiment

directions Chocolate Rock Cycle

If you would like to add an additional activity, try making rock candy (simulating the chemical sedimentary process – and more delicious than rock salt).

Homemade Rock Candy

Thames & Kosmos Crystals, Rocks & Minerals Kit

4.1  Types of Rocks

Rock Cycle, Experiment 18

4.2  Igneous Rocks

4.3  Sedimentary Rocks

Rocks: Building Blocks of Our Earth – Experiments 15 – 17

4.4  Metamorphic Rocks

Extension Ideas

Rocks can be very interesting to some kids.  Going out on a rock hunt is always a great activity if you’ve hit this chapter during good outdoor weather.  Many children love to collect rocks.  If your child is one of those, you might want to get them a rock kit like this one:

Or, many gift shops at museums offer polished rocks that you can buy by the bag.

Here are some links with more activities:

Collect and Identify Rocks and Minerals

Rock Experiments

Another good project (but a more expensive option) is to polish some rocks with a rock polisher, like this one:

Arts and Crafts

If you came home from rock collecting with a lot of rocks, here are some great craft ideas:

Rock Crafts

Or, make your own crystal ornaments:

Grow Sparkling Borax Crystals