Moby Max

Moby Max is getting a lot of buzz in my circles lately – and for good reason.  Moby Max offers a complete, online curriculum in math and language arts for grades K-8.  And most of it is free.  Not bad, eh?  Before you throw out all your expensive math and language books though, let’s look at what they are offering.

You sign of up for a free account as a teacher and then enter your students and set up their accounts.  They can then log on and take an assessment in math, math facts mastery, language, vocabulary,  and reading.  The test will tell you what grade level they are at and then assign them lessons starting there.  I would hesitate to call this a “complete curriculum”, but it is a very powerful tool to have in your box.  I shudder to think about a child having only this for their reading curriculum, or trying to understand fractions from just their explanation.  But it is a great way to practice math skills, vocabulary and grammar – and it could certainly be used as a spine to add other activities to.  It’s also very useful when a child needs extra practice on a skill or when you need a child to have something to work on independently.

There is a paid option (only $79 per year) that gets more reporting tools, student incentives, and a writing curriculum, but the math and language arts are all available for free.

Moby Max


  • OneMom

    Yes this is hardly a “complete” curriculum, but we are finding it a wonderful tool for practicing and strengthening the basics in both math and language. Our local elementary school uses this and when I looked it up online was pleased to see that homeschoolers can access it as well. My daughter loves the drills and math actually seems to be making more sense for her.

  • kmiles

    i love moby max

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