Khan Academy

OK – I’m trying to keep these blog entries to “just the facts, ma’am”, but it’s hard not to gush about Khan Academy a little.  Even if you don’t use their videos that much, you just have to really admire their altruistic and ambitious goals.  They want to make a complete, high quality education available to anyone, anywhere in the world that has access to the web.  Pretty cool, huh?  Major good mojo.

OK, back to the facts.  Khan Academy offers instructional videos, usually between 10 and 15 minutes on a very wide range of subjects.  Math covers from basic math through college level.  Science, it’s all there too.  Coding, yeah, they have that.  They even have some history, economics and art history.  They are adding new stuff all the time.  For math in the K-12 range, they have a practice area that generates endless practice problems.  They have a system of badges that you can earn and a knowledge map that guides you from one subject to the next.  If you want a free math program, here it is.   I find it hard to imagine using this with younger kids, the tone is just too adult.  But even in late elementary, it can be very useful, either as a complete curriculum or as a supplement to what you are using.