Go Math Academy

Go Math! Academy

Here’s a great new resource from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publishers.  Go Math! Academy has hundreds of video math tutorials for grades K-6.  I browsed through some of these and I’m really impressed.  The videos for grades K-2 have puppets and an instructor and the older grades have an instructor.  I was delighted to see Professor Burger from Thinkwell in many of the videos.  All of them are engaging without being overly silly.  The cost is now $10/month or less if you buy a year all at once.  There is also a two week free trial.

Go Math Academy

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  • Nana @ 5455

    Will enjoy these K-2 and more Math videos!! Searching for exciting “outta the box” home schooling curriculum for our grand daughter, age 6 going on 30.

    I appreciate them being free!!!!!!

    Thank you ever so much!
    Nana @ 5455

  • McNeill Robinson

    Thank you for helping me improve my math skills!

  • tasha brown

    i want my son to get into this school

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