What is the world view of this curriculum?  Is there any religious content?

This is a completely secular curriculum.  Religion is only mentioned in a historical context and all religions are treated respectfully and equally.  The science courses cover the latest in scientific understanding.  They cover evolution, the Big Bang theory, and the age of the universe.


Are these courses aligned with the Common Core standards?

No.  At this point in time, the Common Core standards only cover Math and Language Arts, not Science.


Can my child work through this class independently?

The student lessons are designed to be done independently. You can work with your child for the chapter activities (once every 4-8 lessons), depending on how many activities you choose to do.


Will the Student Courses and the Parent Guides work on mobile devices?

Yes!  Everything on the website can be used on any device that has internet access.


When will new courses be available?

We are working hard to bring more classes to Plethora.  By May 2016, we plan to have Middle School Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. By Fall 2016, we plan to have High School Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.


How do you pick the sites used in the lessons?

The sites are very carefully chosen, based on several different criteria.  They must be reliable, accurate, and well-respected sites (think PBS, Smithsonian, NASA, BBC).  Sites that are done by individuals, like teachers, are not used simply because all the information would have to be verified.  YouTube videos are only used if they are from the original source – for example, a clip from a National Geographic video would have to be from the National Geographic Youtube channel.  This assures quality and authenticity as well as the stability of the link.  No sites with heavy or inappropriate advertising are used.

To see what kind of sites we use, please visit our Free Resource List.  The majority of content we use comes from these sites.


What if a link is broken?

By choosing links from major sites like NASA and PBS, there is a much lower chance of links being dead.  But this is the internet, so it will happen.  All links are checked daily and broken links are replaced as quickly as possible.