Lessons in This Chapter:

7.1 Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

7.2 Evidence for Evolution

7.3 The Scale of Evolution

7.4 History of Life on Earth


This chapter covers evolution and the history of life on earth. The suggested activity is one of the Bird Beak simulations below. This is a great activity to show how the Galapagos finches evolved different beaks to adapt to different food sources. There are several options below to choose from. Some vary just the beaks, while others include different foods. Choose which one works best for you.

The Peppered Moth activity is another good option if you want to spend more time on this chapter. Read about the evolution of the Peppered Moth in the reading and then try the activity.

If your child is really interested in evolution, the PBS series Your Inner Fish is an excellent resource. Look for it at your library or you can buy it on Amazon (links below). There are three one hour-long episodes looking at traits that humans inherited from their fish, reptile, and monkey ancestors.

If you want to add something more historical, try watching the documentary  The Making of a Theory: Darwin, Wallace, and Natural Selection and complete the activity listed with it in the documentary section below. 

If the weather is nice, the Nature Journal listed below in the Activities section is a great outdoor activity. The next few chapters will cover plants and animals and are a great opportunity to get outside, visit a botanical garden, and take a trip to the zoo. A nature journal could be used throughout the next section, especially if your child likes to draw.



Plethora Lesson Notes

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