Lessons in this Chapter:

14.1 Introduction to the Oceans

14.2 Ocean Movements

14.3 The Ocean Floor

14.4 Ocean Life


If you are lucky enough to live on the coast, then you will have plenty of resources to use: tide tables, local science museums, and of course, the beach itself.  If you’re inland, this is a great time for a visit to an aquarium. The suggested activity is Ocean Currents, where your child will see how wind and temperature affect the currents.  If you want a fun activity, make an Ocean in a Bottle.



Plethora Activity Sheets

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Other Worksheets and Handouts

14.1 Introduction to the Oceans

Why is the Ocean Salty?

14.2 Ocean Movements

How Do Tides Work?

14.3 The Ocean Floor

Into the Deep – Page 9 has a nice color illustration of the ocean floor.

Mapping the Ocean Floor – A math activity

14.4 Ocean Life

It’s a Plankton Eat Plankton World – Marine food web cut/paste activity.

Thames and Kosmos Climate and Weather Kit

14.2 Ocean Movements

Experiment 20 – Ocean Currents

Experiment 21 – Salt as an Engine

Extension Ideas

DIY Oceanographer Skill

The activities in this chapter would count towards this badge.

Literature Connections


There are many wonderful documentaries about the oceans. Check your local library. Here are a few to look for: