Lessons in this chapter:

3.1  Minerals

3.2  Identification of Minerals

3.3  Formation of Minerals

3.4  Mining and Using Minerals


This unit covers minerals – how they are formed, how we identify them, and how they are mined.

The suggested activity for this chapter is to identify minerals. You will need a set of minerals to do this activity. If you don’t want to purchase one, there is a virtual lab as an activity in the lesson that your child can do instead.

Additional/Alternate Books


Plethora Activity Sheets

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Other Worksheets and Handouts

Hands-On Activities

directions Mineral Identification

Another fun activity is to crack open geodes.

Thames & Kosmos Crystals, Rocks & Minerals

3.1  Minerals

Homemade Crystals – Experiments 1 – 8

3.2  Identification of Minerals

Minerals in the Research Lab – Experiments 9 – 13

3.3  Formation of Minerals

3.4  Mining and Using Minerals

Experiment 14: Test for Iron and Sulfur

Extension Ideas

DIY Geologist Skill

Many of the activities that your child will be doing over the next few chapters will count towards this skill.

Documentaries and Movies

Life’s Rocky Start

Look for Mineral Explorers on your local PBS station.