Lessons in this chapter:

5.1  Earth’s Energy

5.2  Nonrenewable Energy Resources

5.3  Renewable Energy Resources


Earth’s Resources – Renewable and Non-Renewable.  The funnest thing to do for this chapter is to find out just how powerful solar energy is by building a solar oven and cooking up some S’mores!  You can also experiment with Wind, Hydro Power, and natural gas.

Additional/Alternate Books


Plethora Activity Sheets

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Other Worksheets and Handouts

Extension Ideas

If you’re looking for more involved projects to add, Amazon or your local toy store will have some solar energy kits like this one:

If your child is into K’Nex, which is a great platform for all kinds of science and engineering fun, you could try this:

If you want to explore some of the other renewable energy sources, here are some other kits:


Documentaries and Movies

QUEST: America’s Energy Future

These two NOVA episodes work well with this chapter, or Chapter 20 – Human Actions and Earth’s Resources.

Saved by the Sun

Power Surge