Lessons in this Chapter:

24.1 Planet Earth

24.2 Earth’s Moon

24.3 The Sun

24.4 The Sun and Earth-Moon System


The suggested activity is to grab a few round objects and a flashlight and see the moon phases and eclipses in action. The first two links under the Hands-On Activities give you some guidance. You don’t have to use styrofoam balls with pencils stuck in them – any round object will do.  If you purchased the T&K Climate and Weather Kit, you can get some more use out of it here.


Plethora Activity Sheets

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Hands-On Activities

directionsMoon Phase Demonstration

directionsHow Does an Eclipse Happen?

Teaching Moon Phases – this site has several activities to try. The moon phase cookies is a great idea. Also, if you want to get really involved, the Moon Phase Transporter is really cool!

Creating Eclipses in the Classroom

Thames and Kosmos Climate and Weather Kit

24.1 Planet Earth

Experiment 2 – Day or Night?

Experiment 3 – The Seasons

Extension Ideas

The NOVA Sun Lab has several videos and interactives if you want to learn more about the Sun.


There are several programs from PBS NOVA that tie in with this chapter if you’re looking for more information.

Secrets of the Sun

Earth From Space

At the Edge of Space