Design Squad Nation

This show never came on our local PBS station that I’m aware of, but I’m so glad I found it online.  Design Squad Nation was a PBS show for upper elementary/middle schoolers about engineering.  All the seasons are online along with a huge amount of other projects and lesson plans for integrating some engineering into your homeschool.  The first three seasons are set up as a competition between two teams.  They are given a real-world, engineering challenge and have a few days to come up with a solution and build a working prototype.  The last few seasons are more about going out into the world to help people solve their engineering problems.  All in all, it is an exceptional show.  Each episode shows kids solving math, physics and engineering problems to come up with the best solution.

The website is still being updated and they are adding new projects all the time.  They also have an extensive section for teachers with lesson plans and ideas.  This is a fantastic way to introduce engineering to younger students.