Lessons in this Chapter:

17.1 Climate and its Causes

17.2 World Climates

17.3 Climate Change


Climate is a very important concept for kids to learn.  The suggested activity for this chapter is the Greenhouse Effect in a Jar. It’s simple to do, but it does require two thermometers. As an alternative, there are several interesting online games listed in the student’s lesson (some are in the Want to Know More? tab) that help students understand the impact of Climate Change.

Additional/Alternate Books


Plethora Activity Sheets

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Other Worksheets and Handouts

Thames and Kosmos Climate and Weather Kit

17.3 Climate Change

Experiment 22 – The Climate Measurement Station

Experiment 23 – Is the Ocean Rising?

Literature Connections

This is not fiction, but it’s a very unique, illustrated, narrative non-fiction book. A great read for this chapter.

This is another unusual book that works well for this topic.

Here’s a funny read for the 5th – 6th grade crowd.


There are several PBS NOVA episodes that address climate change issues. As usual, if you have a sensitive child, please preview.

Mystery Beneath the Ice – How climate change is affecting the krill population in the Antarctic ecosystem.

Secrets Beneath the Ice – Scientists look at how the loss of ice in Antarctica might affect the world.

Extreme Ice – Follow a photojournalist as he documents the melting of arctic glaciers.

Extension Activities

Climate Change – a free, downloadable magazine from Natural IQ

Climate Change – a free, downloadable magazine from Natural Inquirer

Where in the World is Carbon Dioxide? – a free, downloadable article from Natural Inquirer