Lessons in This Chapter:

3.1 Life’s Building Blocks

3.2 Cell Structures


The suggested activity for this chapter is to make a cell model. There are many options in the hands-on section below, so use your imagination!

Additional/Alternate Books


Plethora Lesson Notes

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Hands-On Activities

Choose one of the following ideas for making a cell model, or come up with your own!

directions 3D Cell Model – made with gelatin and food

directions How to Make a Cell Model – has ideas for a jello mode, a cake model, or a clay model

directions Made a Cell Model – using Kayro syrup and a ziplock bag

directions 10 Fun Science Ideas with Lego – #8 shows a Lego model of a cell

directions Search YouTube for “Minecraft cell model” and you will find many examples of cell models built in Minecraft

directions Make a Model Cell – look through the pictures to find some truely imaginative ideas for cell models. My favorite is the cell pizza!

Build a Membrane – a cut and fold paper model

Thames & Kosmos TK2 Scope Labs

Lab 5 Life in a Shoebox – The Plant Cell

Lab 7 The World on a Tiny Scale

Arts and Crafts

If you have a child that loves to draw, here’s a great tutorial on drawing a cell.

Extension Activities

The activities in this chapter would count towards the DIY Biologist skill.