Lessons in This Chapter:


5.1 Cell Division

5.2 Reproduction

5.3 Protein Synthesis



This is a very information-dense chapter. This textbook covers some of these topics in great detail. If your child is really interested, then go for it. If not, use the Lesson Notes pages to review what is really important to understand.  The suggested activity for this chapter is to make a mitosis poster or a flip book. There are lesson plans for each under the Activities tab. If you want to be adventurous, the process of mitosis makes a great subject for a stop motion animation film! If you search “mitosis stop motion” on YouTube, you will find many ideas.



Plethora Lesson Notes

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Other Worksheets and Handouts

Hands-On Activities

directions Mitosis Poster

directions Mitosis Flip Book – You can use this template, or draw each picture on an index card. There are many videos on YouTube showing examples.