Manga High

There are a gazillion games out there to learn addition or multiplication facts.  There are very few, however, to learn about the quadratic formula.  If you’re looking for some games to help your student practice math skills like fractions, prime factorization, angles, factoring polynomials, percentages and other math concepts under-served by the other math games […]


One thing I love about homeschooling is the ability to integrate real life skills into your school day.  I’m not talking about being a “good communicator” or experience “working in groups”.  I’m talking about know how to manage your money, how to change a tire or how to cook a good meal.  For most of […]

History Animated

OK, this one may be for more of a niche audience.  But if you have kids who love military history, History Animated needs to be in your tool bag.   It offers animations of the major battles from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and WWII.  The animations are not exactly what you would call […]

Teach Engineering

This unassuming little site has some of the best lesson and unit plans I’ve seen for engineering.  Teach Engineering‘s curricular units have lesson plans, activities and links to online resources that add up to great interactive and hands-on learning.  Just take a look at the Asteroid Impact lesson or Moon Colony (can you tell I’m […]


If you just can’t bring yourself to pay the money for the Discovery Education Streaming, or if you just want to try it for a few months, take a look at Cosmeo.  It is a pared-down version of Discover Streaming.  It still has 30,000 videos and 150,000 reference articles, along with pictures, math tutorials and […]

6th and 8th Grade, 2013/2014

I’m veering a little from my usual format of just posting resources to let you know which ones we’re using this year.  I have a 6th grader and an 8th grader.  We have always done our history and science together.  This year we are smack in the middle school zone, which is great.  Next year, […]


Wonderopolis is a great informal learning site.  Each day, a new topic or question is discussed.  Questions like “What are hors d’oeuvres?” , “Why are there revolving doors?”, “Why can’t all medicines be swallowed?”.  Each topic has a link to find out more, usually with a video, always with an explanation.  This would be a […]

Typing Club

If your kids are a little too old for the animated Dance Mat Typing site, try this one.  Typing Club offers a free, online typing class.  There is instruction with each lesson and then a practice session.  The site will track your progress, or you can sign up for free as a teacher and monitor […]

Mission US

I think I said a few posts back that History seemed to be at the trailing edge of online content.  Well, I may have to take that back.  The more I look (I’m planning a unit on the American Revolution for the Fall), the more I find.  Here’s Mission US, a fantastic online game about […]

Conservation Central

Conservation Central is part of the website of the Smithsonian National Zoo.  They offer interactive learning modules to learn more about the habitat of the Great Panda and the Black Bear.  You can design a panda habitat or take a walk through the temperate forests of West Virginia.  On the forest walk, you will test […]