Social Studies links.

NBC Learn

We actually watched some of the Science of the Summer Olympics during the London games, but I didn’t realize at the time that it was part of a whole series.  So, check out NBC Learn’s free resources to find videos on the science of all kinds of sports, plus video series on Chemistry, Climate Change, […]

Ancient Civilizations

If you liked the British Museum’s Ancient Egypt site, I have great news for you.  I knew there were other sites in this series, and I finally had time to find them all.  So here they are: Ancient Greece Ancient China Ancient India Ancient Egypt Ancient Mesopotamia Each of these sites has interactive content, games […]


BrainRush is a great way to lean anything that requires some memorization, from the times tables to parts of speech to dates of the American Revolution.  Each game is set up to practice a skill until it is mastered, quickly and efficiently.  There are hundreds of games on all kinds of topics and if you […]


OMGOMGOMG!  I love this.  I really hate how we teach so little about other countries.  Sure, we study Ancient Egypt and the political systems of the ancient Greeks and Romans, but we learn almost nothing about the rest of the world after 1776.  And we spend huge amounts of time studying our own modern history […]

History Animated

OK, this one may be for more of a niche audience.  But if you have kids who love military history, History Animated needs to be in your tool bag.   It offers animations of the major battles from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and WWII.  The animations are not exactly what you would call […]


Here’s another cool game to add to your arsenal with Urgent Evoke.  Quandry is an online game where kids 8-14 lead a new human colony on a distant planet.  Difficult decisions must be made.  Students must filter opinion from facts and make ethical decisions that could impact the planet, the colonists and themselves.  There are […]

National Geographic Education

NatGeo has a wealth of information over several websites.  If you’re looking for good educational content to add to a science or geography lesson, the National Geographic Education website is probably the easiest place to find it.  Search for videos by subject and grade, download coloring pages, find a map of any place from any […]


If you just can’t bring yourself to pay the money for the Discovery Education Streaming, or if you just want to try it for a few months, take a look at Cosmeo.  It is a pared-down version of Discover Streaming.  It still has 30,000 videos and 150,000 reference articles, along with pictures, math tutorials and […]

BBC Bitesize

BBC’s Bitesize site has a whole British plethora of learning material.  Here’s a little key to help you navigate: KS1 – ages 5-7 KS2 – ages 7-11 KS3 – ages 11-14 GCSE – ages 14-16 TGAU – only if you speak Welsh Standard Grade and Intermediate 2 – High School in Scotland Otherwise, just browse […]

We Choose the Moon

I used this today with my boys and it was great!  We’re studying Space Flight this week and we’ve been watching When We Left Earth (an excellent documentary series on the US Space Program).  Today was the episode where Buzz and Neil land on the moon.  We Choose the Moon is a simulation of the […]


How did I miss this?  Probably because I hadn’t thought to look for Art History at Khan Academy.  I guess we’re all going to have to expand our view of KA – it’s more than just math.  SmartHistory is a multimedia web book about Art and History.  It covers ancient cultures through the modern day. […]

MapMaker Interactive

MapMaker Interactive is an interactive world map provided by National Geographic.  You can overlay ocean currents, active volcanoes, population density, CO2 emissions and about a million other things.  You can zoom in to a specific region or country and even draw, place markers and label things.  This would be a great tool for a geography […]


HippoCampus has been around for a while.  I’d heard about it many times, but it just came back onto my radar.  Wow.  I’m going to have to go back and put more stuff in my lesson plans for next year!  There’s a lot to see here: videos, simulations, interactive lessons.  They cover Math, Science, Social […]

SAS Curriculum Pathways

At the risk of overloading you with too much information, I give you SAS Curriculum Pathways.  SAS provides interactive resources in Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies and Spanish for Middle School and High School.  The resources range from interactive, virtual labs to investigations using primary source documentation to web research projects.  Many projects require […]

Mission US

I think I said a few posts back that History seemed to be at the trailing edge of online content.  Well, I may have to take that back.  The more I look (I’m planning a unit on the American Revolution for the Fall), the more I find.  Here’s Mission US, a fantastic online game about […]


I like discussing current events with my kids.  So once a week, they pick something from Youngzine to read about and then we discuss it while we take a walk.  Youngzine is an ad-free online magazine where kids can read about world events, science, technology and the arts.  There are also comics, videos and contests. […]

Winged Sandals

If you are studying Ancient Greece, you need to see this site.  Winged Sandals, brought to us by the Australian Broadcasting System, is an interactive site that has animated myths, games, activities, and more.  It has the coolest animation of Orpheus and Eurydice ever.  We made the Grecian vase from the Make & Do section […]

Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egypt site from the British Museum could be a spine for a complete Ancient Egypt study.  It lists the major topics to study (geography, pharaohs, daily life, etc.) and each topic has a Story, Explore and Challenge.  There is interactive text, with lots of pictures of artifacts from the Museum.  The interactive parts […]


Do you have a tween/teen who is just obsessed with games and gadgets?  Have you ever thought “If I could just tap into that interest, and use it for education, my job would be soooooo much easier”?  I think this every day.  And now I have Educade.  I thought I was all the bomb when […]

Digital History

History seems to be on the trailing edge of online education.  Somehow, it seems harder to make history interactive than, say, science.  But, fear not, there are some good resources out there.  Digital History, for example, covers American History from pre-1492 to the present.  There is an interactive timeline and each era has links to […]