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Frontiers for Young Minds

Frontiers for Young Minds is a scientific journal on neuroscience with kid editors.  It’s a pretty cool idea.  Scientists write cool articles about neuroscience and kids edit them.   You can read about the scientists and the kid editors, or you can get involved and be an editor.  Great for upper elementary through high school […]

Fold It

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we are big fans of PBS’s NOVA show, especially the NOVA Science Now series.  When we were watching one of their shows on technology a few months ago, we found out about the amazing story of Fold It.  I’d try to explain it to you in this […]


I was very pleased to run across this little educational site from a large corporation that my husband used to work for.  Seed has great experiment ideas and some really nice little animations on earth science, space, energy, health and even math puzzles.  Look under the Science tab at the top to find the content. […]

BBC Bitesize

BBC’s Bitesize site has a whole British plethora of learning material.  Here’s a little key to help you navigate: KS1 – ages 5-7 KS2 – ages 7-11 KS3 – ages 11-14 GCSE – ages 14-16 TGAU – only if you speak Welsh Standard Grade and Intermediate 2 – High School in Scotland Otherwise, just browse […]