Arts links.

Kids Think Design

Kids Think Design is a great little site to start looking at design careers.  It covers 10 different design careers from Fashion Design to Architecture.  Each one has information about the career, examples and design project and links to other sites.  It’s a great place to start if your kid is interested in design.  Great […]

Artisan des Arts

I love tying art projects into what we are studying.  None of us around here are very good at drawing, so I always look for crafty project that don’t rely on drawing talent.  I’m adding Artisan des Arts up there with Art Projects for Kids as a go-to place to find projects.  This Canadian art […]

BBC Bitesize

BBC’s Bitesize site has a whole British plethora of learning material.  Here’s a little key to help you navigate: KS1 – ages 5-7 KS2 – ages 7-11 KS3 – ages 11-14 GCSE – ages 14-16 TGAU – only if you speak Welsh Standard Grade and Intermediate 2 – High School in Scotland Otherwise, just browse […]


How did I miss this?  Probably because I hadn’t thought to look for Art History at Khan Academy.  I guess we’re all going to have to expand our view of KA – it’s more than just math.  SmartHistory is a multimedia web book about Art and History.  It covers ancient cultures through the modern day. […]


The National Gallery of Art’s NGAKids site is a playground of online interactive art activities.   Make a collage, a still life, a Rousseau-esque jungle scene, abstract art.  It’s all here.  Another great feature is the Adventures in Art.  These are kid-friendly interactive studies of some of the most famous pieces in the Gallery.  This […]


I like discussing current events with my kids.  So once a week, they pick something from Youngzine to read about and then we discuss it while we take a walk.  Youngzine is an ad-free online magazine where kids can read about world events, science, technology and the arts.  There are also comics, videos and contests. […]

Creative Park

I try to include as much hands-on content as I can in our learning.  Creative Park is a great resource for finding an art project to tie into history or science.  These are paper sculptures that you download, print out on your own printer and put together.  Make a paper dinosaur, a model of the […]