BrainPop is a subscription service providing hundreds of short, animated videos on topics in the subjects of Math, Science,  English, Social Studies, Technology, Health and the Arts.  Each video is between 3 and 5 minutes long and packs in a lot of content.  Attached to each video is a quiz and often additional content or a game.  Quizzes can be taken for a grade, which can be emailed by the student to any email for records.  The videos are very high quality and very packed with content.  The games section has some free access to some very well-made educational games.

BrainPop is geared toward upper elementary through middle school.  BrainPop Jr. is for younger grades.  Also available in Spanish.

Subscriptions start at $99/year.  Some videos are available for free from the homepage.  The game section is also free.