A little about me

In my past life, I got a French degree and lived abroad.  Then I got an Electrical Engineering degree and worked for a French company and traveled a lot.  Then I had kids.  After a few years in a Waldorf school and then public school, we are now homeschooling.  We’re taking life as it comes at us and doing what works.

A lot about the links

You’ll see a lot of engineering, science and math.  What can I say?  I’m an engineer.  What you won’t see are sites with so much advertising that you can’t tell it from the content.  I hate that.  You won’t find sites that are basically just worksheets done on the computer.  My kids have pencils for that.  You won’t find games that are light on content and heavy on cheesy graphics.  We can do better than that.  If I’m going to assign something on the computer to one of my kids, it’s going to be high-quality and content-rich.

For the moment, the links are skewed toward Middle School, but I’m working on getting recommendations for younger kids.  I’m also not including links to homeschool curricula for purchase (unless it’s online) or lesson plans.  There is a plethora of sites devoted to homeschool books, workbooks and packaged curricula.  Lesson plans are everywhere, so I’m only including them if they are attached to good, online material (like PBS).  Oh, and before you ask, you won’t find any Young Earth stuff here (engineer, remember?), just good old scientific fact.

Mostly, I’m trying to help you find an answer to this question:

“Arrrgh!  This is the fourth time we’ve been through this fraction lesson and he’s still just not understanding it!!  Where, oh where, can I find another way to explain it to him?!?”

or maybe this question:

“Gosh, she is really interested in human anatomy, but this is the end of our chapter on it.  I hate to just move on – I mean, she could grow up to be a cardiothoracic surgeon.  Where, oh where, could I find some more stuff for her to do?”

or even this one:

“$120 for a Life Science book and workbook!!  I just quit my job as a biologist to stay home and homeschool – we can’t afford that!  All I need is some material, some resources, and I could do this for free.  Where, oh where, could I find them?”

You get the idea…

Each site listed will be linked to a blog entry where I will give you the facts: who it’s for, what it covers, if it’s free or how much it costs.  These posts will be as factual and as unbiased as I can make them.  Maybe I’ll get around to writing some reviews as well, or linking to other reviews.  Reviews of homeschool stuff are like, well, like opinions – everyone has them.

[Update 7.28.2013  OK, I set out to just “give the facts”.  I really did.  But how can you not gush about some of these resources?  I ask you.  So, I guess what I’m saying is that these are not really my reviews of these sites.  I’m not trying to point out what or who they are good for or not good for or what their strong and weak points are.  If I didn’t think they were fantastic, I wouldn’t put them on my site.  So, please, forgive my occasional exuberance over how cool something is.  Thank you.]

Speaking of opinions.  If you have one you’d like to share with me, here’s your chance.