Don’t send your child to Wikipedia to learn about Science and History! And don’t settle for poorly written pages with cheap clip art, either.  Give your child all the richness and depth of NASA, PBS, the BBC, the Smithsonian and other high-quality, expert sources.  The web has a plethora of incredible teaching resources and we’ve organized and categorized them for you.  Need a video on the rock cycle?  An interactive on photosynthesis?  How about an art project on the Solar System? Find it quickly and easily with our Resource Guides.

[Lesson Plans]

Daily, online lesson plans including reading, video and interactives using only the web’s most trusted sites.  Your child will be learning about space from NASA, history from the Smithsonian, Civil Rights from PBS.  Lessons are all online and include comprehension tests.  Choose between standards-aligned, full-year classes and interest-led Unit Studies.  Also included are a plethora of choices for experiments, art projects, and assignments so that you can create a truly personalized learning plan.



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